Ushuni WoKhozi FM

JAM Clothing and Ukhozi have entered into a partnership of stocking and distributing the stations very own brand ‘Ushuni WoKhozi FM’. As a proudly South African brand and with our head office in Durban, we felt that it was a good partnership to enter into as we feel that we share an ideology of always wanting to stay close to and connect with our customers.

Ushuni WoKhozi FM’ will launch its first item under this brand in the form of a traditional imbadada and reinterpreted for a contemporary consumer with modern styling and materials that explore the dynamic Zulu culture and heritage.

The look and feel of the shoes is about craftsmanship, particularly the Zulu ornamental forms, with influences from other Nguni cultures.

To promote sustainability, the shoes are made from local sourced materials such as synthetic leather, synthetic rubber, and non-footwear industrial materials such as upholstery off-cuts and metal trims, which are repurposed into modern products.

It’s more than just a shoe, it’s a way of life!

Ukhozi FM Luhamba Phambili!

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