Layering Made Simple

Hey Jam Fam – welcome to your new go-to home of style advice for you. We’re packing these blog posts with the info you need to keep on top of your style and look famous for less. We’re talking homegrown style advice that makes sense for us – the people of Mzansi – for our weather, our vibe and the looks we love to wear, starting with a lesson in the Art of Layering 101. Cue the #JAMSTYLESTORIES


All about the base (layer)

With the seasons getting harder to predict, we need looks that work in the heat, the cold and everything in between! As the seasons shift, layering becomes your best friend, allowing you to navigate the unpredictable weather with style. Start with a lightweight base, like a cotton tee or tank, in a fresh plain colour. This is key: you want something underneath that works with anything, so try avoid the prints (for now).

Dial up the personality

Now that your base layer is sorted, add a breathable knit or a button up shirt that you can open up if you need, or drape over your shoulders when the temperatures creep up. This is also a good time to pull on the denim jacket for cooler mornings and evenings. Remember: scarves are your secret weapon—opt for bold patterns and bright colours to add a pop of personality to any outfit!

Accessories please

We’re talking hats, sunnies, crossbody bags, belts – anything that helps bring a look together – so that when you ditch one layer, your look still feels put together. And South African fashion is all about celebrating diversity and creativity, so mix textures, experiment with patterns, and don’t shy away from vibrant hues. Layering here isn’t just practical; it’s a canvas for showcasing your unique style while staying comfy and confident!

 Last but not least

When you really need it, nothing feels quite as good as a coat or jacket to throw over everything. A bomber or puffer jacket brings a casual edge, while a tailored blazer or longer coat can instantly elevate your look.

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