JAMbassadors KZN Giveaway tour

At JAM Clothing we have always strived to be closely connected to our customers. We are proudly South African and stay close to what is happening on the streets.

Since the beginning, as a brand, we have been interested in dance/music (and sports) to give a voice to JAM. So, when the idea came up of sending out a team of dancers to our stores bringing the vibe and also some giveaways with them, the JAMbassadors were born.

We searched and found the most amazing dance crew to be the chosen KZN team. Dipolelo, Lady Kay, Vincent and Lucky really brought the gees when they headed out to selected stores with our JAM team in our beautiful van. Starting with a choreographed dance, doing a Spin&Win giveaway with the customers and then ending off with a join-in dance routine. All of this was masterfully MC’d by our very own Josh Vilakazi.

Everybody that was involved loved it and we look forward to sending the JAMbassadors to stores nationwide to bring joy to and connect with our valued customers.

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