Going for Gold at the Gogolympics

Since its inception in 2011, the Hillcrest AIDS Trust (HACT) has initiated the delightful Gogolympics. This annual fun-filled event hosted by HACT’s Gogo (Zulu for Granny) has been beneficial to over 2000 grannies across numerous communities in the Valley of 1000 Hills region. Not only does the Gogolympics boost the community spirit, but it also motivates gogos to exercise regularly to improve their fitness well in advance in preparation for the big day. Netball, soccer, and relay races are on the cards as well as indigenous games such as jukskei, umlabalaba, and stick fighting. Don’t be fooled – these grannies take these games pretty seriously.

Apart from the Gogolympics, HACT’s Gogo Support Groups have been empowering grandmothers who are impacted by the challenges of poverty, inequality, HIV/AIDS, TB, and age-related illnesses for over 10 years. With 36 Support Groups, these ladies can mentally, emotionally and physically uplift themselves by engaging in hands-on activities such as first aid, literacy, sewing and bereavement counselling training.

JAM had been honoured to be given the opportunity to donate garments, juice bottles and bags towards this initiative, and the chance to contribute in a small way to something so great.

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