No matter how old or young your children are the first day of school should be a special time for everyone.

Here are 7 ways to help you make the first day back to school extra special.

1. Back-to-school pictures. In the age of smartphones and digital cameras, there really is nothing easier than taking a picture. These pictures may not mean much now, but if you repeat this tradition every year, by the time your children are done school you will have a timeline of photo memories showing how your children have grown and matured.

2. Make a special breakfast. We know you’ve heard time and time again that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not make it a little more special on the first day of school?  A little extra effort can go a long way, and bring a smile to their faces even if they are still half asleep.

3. Buy a new outfit. Sadly the cost of going back to school can add up for many parents. Once you factor in buying new school supplies the bills add up. However, if you have some extra cash to spare buying your child, or letting them pick out a new outfit for the first day to school will make them feel like a million bucks! As a kid, this was a tradition that I looked forward to every year.

4. Hide a note in their lunch box. Packing lunch is always a good idea – it’s healthier and cost-effective. While you are packing up their favourite sandwiches why not add in a little cute note wishing them a good day.

6. Pick them up from school. This idea depends on how your children normally get to and from school. However, if you are able to leave work a few minutes early we suggest making a special effort to go pick up your children in person. This way you can take a long way home and catch up on all the fun they had on their big first day.

7. Enjoy it. Kids grow up fast. One day they are in preschool and the next they are graduating from high school. Don’t forget to take a second to step back and enjoy it! Look what you have accomplished! Look what they have accomplished!

Above all else, just remember to give your kiddos and hug and kiss goodbye! As small of a gesture as this is, it is probably what they will remember most from the day. :)