2016 Critics Choice Red Carpet

2016 Critics Choice Red Carpet

2016 Critics Choice Red Carpet

Awards season has just started, but the stars are already blowing us away with their looks!

This year's Critics Choice Awards was held yesterday, 17th Jan – in Santa Monica, California. 

Hosted by T.J. Miller, the awards aim to recognise the best in film making from 2015. 

We're sure the acting was good – but we were looking at the red carpet.

Take a look at all the stars who blew us away!



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Abigail Spencer


alicia vikander ef2d0fc6 b6e3 4435 8042 55ff51d36272
Alicia Vikander


america 528b97db d274 4b5e 9ad2 358831950970
America Ferrera


amy schumer 21bbe45a e8f4 4ba6 927a 93da6aec3635
Amy Schumer


aya cash 9e4d79a7 0b27 46d4 bd40 1049090494f7
Aya Cash


bryce dalla howard 66d9b4f3 c3ee 473a 88e9 f69c6ed839fe
Bryce Dallas Howard


carly chaikin 0bbc452b 6b33 4501 a04e bdd7692e777c
Carly Chaikin


constance zimmer 94535fae 250a 4772 b8ac 7b5104e84c51
Constance Zimmer


emmy rossum 8e35d002 e813 4e0c 9214 9b49a7997644
Emmy Rossum


gina rodriguez 37b393a5 27ae 4c03 a62d cc9cf0f6886f
Gina Rodriguez


hayden panettiere 1b10fbdc 2686 433a aa85 7c62eaaa3f1a
Hayden Panettiere


helen mirren c7b95727 50bd 4726 b5f2 3a7e3543213b
Helen Mirren


hugh dancy.cm.11716
Hugh Dancy


january jones1 c434b919 89d8 4fbe a93c eee3ff22ae6d
January Jones


jennifer aniston 69d9a3ac ca16 4d88 b937 d9a00de05f3a
Jennifer Aniston


joanne froggatt fc342968 dba5 43d9 ac1b 8a411b8550ad
Joanne Froggatt


Jonathan Jackson


kate beckinsale 3727ee71 faaa 4dbf 8781 57b56b8b8f4f
Kate Beckinsale


kathryn hahn d16b97ae 0121 4f2d 9b48 cd3592842ccc
Kathryn Hahn


kirsten dunst fe155cea a473 439a b5a0 64d48de59e93
Kirsten Dunst

krysten ritter fc610bb9 8137 41e9 a176 1a634cb19327
Krysten Ritter


leslie mann 5a5675cd 367e 4165 ac0f 72483a0ca060
Leslie Mann


liv tyler 10eec08a abcb 43a9 876c 3dad235fd495
Liv Tyler


marisa tomei fa710b1a 0548 4c46 8331 e85d37c7c8da
Marisa Tomei


mary j blige 8a4449f8 2656 4f4a be6d e0601d76e532
Mary J Blige


melissa mccarthy bf70ff68 84e3 432f 8146 961ab4f311f0
Melissa McCarthy


niecy nash 0761185c 613a 4028 9f59 797523d1a61f
Niecy Nash


rachel mcadams 039c614e e6b5 45cc a29e 6306a673b6a6
Rachel McAdams


regina king f443649b 781c 4bcd 9b04 7f44023db64c
Regina King


rosie huntington whiteley 422aa4f9 c320 4f6e 94ab b35ec2602478
Rosie Huntington Whiteley


sarah paulson 7e075ccd 1ea3 4fbe aa37 50fca77c97e6
Sarah Paulson


tracee ellis ross 965bda3e 0071 40e2 a0ee 0c44b0449c02
Tracee Ellis Ross


wendi mclendon covey ae3aa5b3 e1ad 434d 8fff f81b089e8fff
Wendi McLendon


wes bentley.cm.11716
Wes Bentley


zoe kravitz b0a8b49e 2ad0 4556 bd85 5041644a82f7
Zoe Kravitz

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