DIY Your Phone Cover

DIY Your Phone Cover

DIY Your Phone Cover

Make your phone part of your everyday fabulous-ness! 

Try these simple & YOU-nique DIYs to bling up your phone cover, in an easy and pocket friendly way!

Washi Tape/Decorative Tape

Washi or decorative tape can be found at any CNA or craft store, and is possibly the easiest way to get your phone case looking funky! 
All you'll need is washi tape, any old phone cover to use, scissors/craft knife, and your imagination! 

Get hold of an old phone cover & try different colour tape and patterns to create your perfect design. Paint over your creation with clear nail polish to make it last! Take a look at these designs for some inspo!

JAM DIY strip article v1


Magazine Cut Outs/Wrapping Paper

Use your phone as a source of inspiration, or a daily reminder of your dreams and goals!
You'll need old magazines /wrapping paper, and a clear phone cover.

Collect images you find beautiful or inspiring & use them to create a collage or design. You can use some pretty wrapping paper as a background too! Just trace around your phone and you'll have the perfect size and shape. Then place your pictures how you like, and slip them into a clear phone case. Viola!


JAM DIY strip article v14


Stickers/Temporary Tattoos

Don't want to go through to much effort, or can't commit to one design for too long? Stickers and temporary tattoos are perfect for you! All you'll need to find are some cute stickers or temporary tattoos, an old phone case & clear nail polish.

Simply stick the stickers or tattoos on your old phone case (metallic tattoos look amazing!) Take the film off the tattoo, place it one the cover face down, hold it down with a wet paper towel for +/- 30s, and then peel off the back. Paint over with clear nail polish for some temporary trendiness.


JAM DIY strip article v12


Nail Polish

Nail art is a huge trend at the moment – why should nail polish only be for your nails?

There are so many different techniques and tricks out there to create the perfect nail art design, just take those and apply them to an old phone cover instead! Don't forget to seal with clear nail polish – it's the only way to keep it looking good for longer.

JAM DIY strip article v13


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