5 Best Boot Hacks

5 Best Boot Hacks

5 Best Boot Hacks

We LOVE shoes – if we're honest, it's more of an obsession.
But... sometimes they can be more "ouch" than "oohh....."

Take a look at a few of our top tips, to make sure every boot is made for walking!

1. Too Tight?
Stretch them out! Wear your boots with a pair of thick socks and apply heat from a hairdryer to the tight area. 

2. Slipping and slidding?
Are your soles sliding out and leaving you in a slippery situation? Spray the soles of your boots with hairspray to add extra grip!

3. Get rid of that "not so pleasant" smell
Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into them overnight to absorb bad smells.

4. Kick away scuff marks
Use nail polish remover and a small sponge to remove scuff marks from patent leather boots.

5. Blisters
Avoid painful blisters by applying a small amount of roll-on deodorant on the affected area of your foot.

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