2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

2016 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Take a look at the glitz and glam!

The Golden Globes honour all the best TV and Film starrs from 2015. Hosted by Ricky Gervais for the 4th time, this year's red carpet was flooded with looks that were just as fabulous as the people wearing them!

rs 634x1024 160110163614 634 Golden Globe Awards rooney mara
Rooney Mara


rs 634x1024 160110163640 634.kate hudson.cm.11016
Kate Hudson


rs 634x1024 160110164404 634.rachel mcadams.c2m.11016
Rachel McAdams


rs 634x1024 160110164628 634 amy adam Golden Globe Awards
Amy Adams


rs 634x1024 160110164651 634.queen latifah.cm.11016
Queen Latifah


rs 634x1024 160110165134 634 Golden Globe Awards jennifer lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence


rs 634x1024 160110165137 634 katy perry Golden Globe Awards
Katy Perry


rs 634x1024 160110165401 634.kate winslet.cm.11016
Kate Winslet


rs 634x1024 160110165659 634.michael b jordan.cm.11016
Micheal B Jordan


rs 634x1024 160110170141 634 Golden Globe Awards lady gaga.cm.11016
Lady Gaga


rs 634x1024 160110173300 634.Amber Heard Golden Globe Awards
Amber Heard


634.jennifer lopez 3.cm.11016
Jenifer Lopez


rs 634x1024 160110150411 634.gina rodriguez.cm.11016
Gina Rodriguez


rs 634x1024 160110152556 634 Golden Globe Awards emmy rossum
Emmy Rossum


rs 634x1024 160110153158 634.regina king.c2m.11016
Regina King


rs 634x1024 160110154854 634 wiz khalifa Golden Globe Awards 2
Wiz Khalifa


rs 634x1024 160110155629 634Laverne Cox Golden Globe Awards
Laverne Cox


rs 634x1024 160110160609 634.corinne foxx.cm.11016
Corinne Foxx


rs 634x1024 160110160751 634.viola davis.cm.11016
Viola Davis


rs 634x1024 160110161057 634Zendaya Golden Globe Awards


rs 634x1024 160110161633 634.Emilia Clarke Golden Globe Awards
Emilia Clarke


rs 634x1024 160110162131 634 Golden Globe Awards uzo aduba
Uzo Aduba


rs 634x1024 160110162138 634.taraji henson.cm.11016
Taraji Henson


rs 634x1024 160110162519 634 Golden Globe Awards David Oyelowo.cm.11016
David Oyelowo


rs 634x1024 160110162727 634 Golden Globe Awards jada pinkett smith
Jada Pinkett Smith


rs 634x1024 160110163432 634 Golden Globe Awards cate blanchett
Cate Blanchett

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