Happy Feet 

Happy Feet 

Happy Feet 

Today is international “No Socks Day” and what better way to celebrate than setting your feet free? We’ve got a scrumptious scrub that will make your feet feel fantastic – made using ingredients found in any kitchen, to boot! 

What you’ll need:

Large bowl (big enough to fit your feet)
Small bowl
1L warm water
1/2 cup Olive Oil 
1 tablespoon Coarse Sea Salt
Cling Wrap 

Step 1: Mix olive oil and coarse sea salt in a small bowl. 

Step 2: Fill a large bowl with 500ml water, making sure it’s not boiling. Place your feet in the bowl for 5 – 10 minutes or until your skin becomes soft. 

Step 3: Rest your feet on your towel (to avoid messing) and apply scrub to your feet. Exfoliate using the mixture – making sure that your entire foot is nicely covered. 

Step 4: Use the cling wrap to envelop each foot. Take care to ensure there are no holes for the mixture to leak out of. Leave your feet wrapped up for 10 minutes. 

Step 5: Remove the cling wrap and use the rest of the warm water to wash the mixture off your feet. 

Step 6: Enjoy your smooth and silky feet! 

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