Does The Shoe Fit?

Does The Shoe Fit?

Does The Shoe Fit?

Sometimes shopping for the perfect shoe can be daunting or perhaps you've spent your salary on the wrong shoes?

Next time you're planning a shopping spree, follow these 3 steps and be sure to take a friend who won't hesitate to be blunt.

Step 1
When choosing the style and type of shoe, try them on first before buying them. Don't just try one shoe but put both on to get an idea of how they feel. Make sure you have plenty room for your manicured toes, we definitely don't want any accidents that would mess up those cute digits.

Step 2
What are the shoes for?
Buying a pair of heels for a hike is a definite no-no! As sexy as you look in them, they're not practical. Consider the activity and plan your outfit around the activity. Comfort is essential, especially on a first date. We don't want you waddling about and landing on youtube for an epic fall.

Step 3
Hell of the heel. Ladies, listen carefully! Don't choose a heel based on height, if you're comfortable and can strut your stuff gracefully then buy the shoes. But if you're extremely uncomfortable and your gorgeous toes are likely to be squished, then it's probably best not to add those heels to your wardrobe. A pair of heels can be your best friend if chosen correctly.

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