Manic Mornings

Manic Mornings

Manic Mornings

Are your mornings easy and organised or are they more of a war zone?

No parent enjoys mornings where you have to nag, shout and rush around to get the children dressed for school. Make your mornings cheery with these tips.

1. Pick An Outfit
Let your child pick their clothes the evening before, even if you have to sit through a fashion show. Sometimes children take forever to choose their clothes. If done the evening before, you'll save time and avoid the rush.

2. Get To Bed Early
Are you and your children getting enough sleep? Your morning routine requires energy from parents and optimal brain function from children. You won't be able to stay calm and patient if you are tired. Make sure you are getting to bed early!

3. Morning Cuddles
Add extra time to your mornings to connect with your children. Don't let the whole morning be just about getting your children to do what you need. Read a book or just talk to your children, anything that doesn't involve them having to follow rules, this will motivate your child to cooperate instead of fight with you. You may already be taking too much time, but once you are set in a regular routine, there will be more time for cuddles rather than getting dressed.

4. Get Organised
Make sure all lunches, homework etc. is ready and packed the night before. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure you have everything you need for the day, get it all ready the night before.

5. Let Them Choose
Give them a choice. Does she want to put her shoes on first or her dress? Does he want to wear the blue or red shirt? Children like to feel like they are in some way in control of their own body.

Follow these tips and you will create a positive environment in the mornings which will make your life easier and your children's life a lot more playful instead of stressful.

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