Bye-bye, Beanies. Hello Head Scarves!

Bye-bye, Beanies. Hello Head Scarves!

Bye-bye, Beanies. Hello Head Scarves!

Beanies have been a winter staple for ages – we're a bit bored. So we're trying head scarves for a fun, fashionable twist!

Why choose a beanie like everyone else – when head scarves add such a unique & trendy twisty to any outfit?
Not only do they add flair, but head scarves still keep you warm, hide a bad hair day & can be worn in so many different ways.

Just take a look at our top 3 styles & see for yourself!


Top Knot(ch) Turban
> Use a large rectangular scarf.
> Line up the middle of the longest side of the scarf, with the back of your head.
> Pull the remiainder of the scarf to the front, and start twisting, to create a rope like effect in the front.
> Keep twisting until you're able to start wrapping it into a bun at the top of your head.
> Once you have completed the bun, secure the loose ends by tucking them under the bun, use safety pins if you need.

IMG 1606 943x1024Image sourced from


Boho Head Band
> Use a small/medium sized scarf/bandana
> Fold into a triangle, and roll to make a long rectangular shape.
> Centre the the scarf to the back your head, at the nape of your neck.
> Bring both sides to the front, and tie them together
> Take the loose ends, and tuck them under either side of the knot to secure/hide.

Image sourced from


Sweet & Simple Scarf
> Use a meduim/large square.
> Fold into a triangle.
> Lay on top of your head with the point laying in the centre of your forehead.
> Wrap the two back corners around to the the front and tie once, over the front point.
> Tuck the point over the knot, and then use the same two side, to tie together again.

hair scarf tutorial 300x300
Image sourced from The Beauty Department

Go on, girl. Impress people this winter.

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