DIY: Marble Nail Art

DIY: Marble Nail Art

DIY: Marble Nail Art

If nails are your thaaang, then you have definitely seen marble nails!

Follow these step by step directions for get that oh-so-marvellous marble manicure look!!

1. Cover your table/ work space with newspaper. Things are about to get messy!

2. Use small cup, like a shot glass (something you can throw away).
Fill the glass 3/4 of the way, with room temperature water.

3. Start your nails with a base coat – using white will make the colors look brighter. Wait for them to dry.

4. Cover the skin around your nail with vaseline or tape, to keep that area clean.

5. Choose the other colours you'd like to use – use at least two to get the best effect.

6. Pick a colour and use your nail polish brush to make a small drop on the surface of the water in the cup.
The drop needs to float on the surface of the water.

7. Quickly do the same with your other colours – you don't want the first colours to start drying.

8. Grab a tooth pick and start dragging it through the circles of colours to create patterns.

9. Dip your nail slowly into the patterned water.
– Start by lining up your nail with the pattern, and move slowly down.

10. Lift your finger out slowly & carefully – the faster you move, the more your pattern will distort.

11. Take off the tape, clean the excess paint on the skin around your fingers, and add a top coat!

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