The Weirdest Beauty Hack EVER

The Weirdest Beauty Hack EVER

The Weirdest Beauty Hack EVER

When it comes to the latest beauty hacks – we have officially seen a lot –
And the latest one, might be the weirdest of them all!

Known as "the balloon hair hack", the overall idea is to use partially blown up balloons to replace hair rollers to get bouncy & glamorously big curls.

It involves blowing up regular balloons to the size of your hand (so they will still be soft and flexible to sleep in).
Once you have your balloons, tie your hair up into a high pony.
Grab small sections & make them slightly damp, with a spray bottle of water. 

Then one by one, wrap sections around a balloon and secure them by pinning the ends to your head (to keep the balloons in place).

Now comes the part where you risk your life and sleep with balloons in your hair – and is why we WON'T recommend this hack to anyone.

Apparently, the next morning, you will be blessed with big luscious curls – that is if you to survive the night & don't pop any balloons.

We still think curlers and hair rollers are your best option, since that is why they were designed in the first place!

But should you feel the need to attempt this so-called "hack", let us know – We would love to hear how it went!!

Watch here to see this craziness.

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