4 Winning Winter Beauty Beauty Tip

4 Winning Winter Beauty Beauty Tip

4 Winning Winter Beauty Beauty Tip

Time to combat the winter chills & their nasty effects on our beauty!

Winter has definitely started creeping in, and even though it might not be too bad in most parts of SA, the cold weather change, will still deeply affect our bodies!

Take a peek below at our handy tips, to keep you looking & feeling good this winter:

1. Save Water & Keep Moisturised
Although it's tempting to have long hot showers & baths, the water strips your body of it's natural oils.
Rather take a short warm-ish shower, and you will get softer skin for it (AND save water during our drought!).

2. The SA Sun Never Hides
Even though it might not be a hot summer's day and our skies are full of clouds – you still need sunscreen!
UV rays are still there, even if the sun isn't, and the chilled air makes us much more prone to sun damage, especially with no SPF!
Get your hands on any foundation/moisturiser with an SPF factor, & you'll be thanking us.

3. Luscious Lips
It's no secret our lips get dry & chapped in winter – but picking the RIGHT lip balm can save you.
Choose a lip balm with no fragrance, a hydrating factor such us bee's wax or coconut oil & you will be good to go!

4. Farewell Frizz
The cold dry air has a bad habit of sucking all the moisture out your strands, leaving them static & brittle.
To combat this, use hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments & styling products with hydrating ingredients like coconut milk or almond oil.

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