The NEW Beauty Trend: Sandbagging

The NEW Beauty Trend: Sandbagging

The NEW Beauty Trend: Sandbagging

First it started with contouring... then we had baking... eventually we moved on to strobing and now??


Once again, we have the Kardashains & drag queens to thank for this tip.
It seems pretty easy to do – but are you sold? 

Basically, sandbagging is an evolution of baking – using translucent powder to "bake" the highlight under your eyes, making it last longer.

On that note, sandbagging just requires you to use a matching coloured powder to coat your oily areas, like under the eyes, the corners of your mouth & your forehead. Leave to set for a couple minutes, and brush off the excess.

It aims to absorb the excess oil, and produce a matte & longer lasting finish on those areas.

Easy Right?
Necessary? We'll have top get back to you on that one. What do you think?

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