4 Old Products = 5 New Products

4 Old Products = 5 New Products

4 Old Products = 5 New Products

When your fave makeup starts running out – it's a sad day – and we feel your pain!

Tossing old makeup out not only wastes your fave products, but money too.
And at JAM, we hate wasting money, so we found some easy ways to save those last few drops & get something new in return:

1.Eyeshadow = Lip Balm
Collect the pieces of your old eyeshadow, add it to some clear lip balm (vaseline also works), to keep your fave colour and get a new coloured lip balm.

2.Eyeshadow = Nail Polish
You can also add the scraps of your old eyeshadow, and add it to clear nail polish. Shimmer eyeshadow creates amazing nail polish colours!

3.Lipstick = Lip Balm
Just like the eyeshadow hack, add your old lipstick to clear lip balm/vaseline, and BOOM! Now you have a lovely tinted lip balm!

4.Pressed Powder/Foundation = Tinted moisturiser
Add old foundation or coloured pressed powder, to face moisturiser, and now you have a tinted moisturiser for those days you want some sheer coverage.

5.Perfume = Perfume Body-Lotion
Use those last few drops of your favourite perfume & add to them to some body lotion. Now you can keep the scent for much longer, in the form of a scented body lotion!

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