7 Biggest Hair Trends For 2016

7 Biggest Hair Trends For 2016

7 Biggest Hair Trends For 2016

You know what they say – a woman changing her hair, is about to change her life.

Feel like trying something new this new year? Take a look at the 7 top hair trends for 2016!


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1. Bold Hair Cuts - 
Feeling courageous? You're going to need it – short & sassy bobs and pixie cuts are in! If you're not convinced, try a longer bob, it's all about a cheeky cut to add some edgy style. 


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2.Colours -
Pale and pastel colours will give you that ~statement~ look, this year! We're talking lilacs, greys, baby pinks, and other soft and girly colours.


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3.Baylage & Baby Highlights - 
Say good bye to ombre – that's so 2015. This year is about being subtle with "baby highlights" or "baylage". This colour technique gives a far more natural look by using ultra-fine highlights to complement your natural colour.


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4. Natural Texture - 
Embrace what your momma gave you this year, and put down those styling tools! Learn to love your curls & waves, and rock them with confidence!


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5. Bangs - 
Not too keen to chop all your hair off? Why not try some bang instead? Bangs make a statement, and really frame your face nicely, making those gorgeous eyes POP! 


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6. Easy & Chic Styles - 
It's all about ease and simplicity – no more top knots! Low buns and ponytails are a big trend. Make yours messy.
For braids, we're going in the other direction, the loose boho braid is out, and tight small braids are all the rage this year.


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 7. Add Some Sparkle - 
This year, add some glitz and glam to your hair by wearing some sparkly head bands and clips. This look is super girly, and is sure to make you shine!

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