8 Genius Lipstick Hacks

8 Genius Lipstick Hacks

8 Genius Lipstick Hacks

Incredible tips to perfect your pout.

Girls, when you're having a rough day, there's nothing better than a bold lip as a pick-me-up. It brightens your face and adds 'umph' to any outfit! That's why we've compiled a list of the best beauty hacks for your lips. *Smiles with the perfect pout*

1. Punchier Pout
If you weren't #blessed with the biggest lips – don't worry. There's a simple way to amplify your smacker. Slap on your favourite shade and add a colour, two shades lighter, to the centre of your lips – and blend. You'll have fuller looking lips to smile about.

2. Longwear Lipstick
Love a red lip but hate having to retouch all day long? We have the solution! You can make any lippy last for hours by adding translucent powder. It's simple! Apply your first layer of lipstick, and place a piece of one-ply toilet paper over your lips (If you don't have one-ply, you can pull two-ply apart). Using a powder brush, dab some translucent powder on the paper over your lips. Get another layer of lipstick going and repeat! Do this three times for a solid shade that will last all day. 

Ps: Do touch ups with lipgloss to prevent any caking. 

3. True Hue 
Does it drive you crazy when the colour in the tube isn't the same when it's on your lips? Here's how to solve that. Grab some concealer and apply it to your pout before you apply colour. That's it! You'll have a perfect match. 

4. Messy Mouth 
Is your lipstick a little less than perfect? You can use concealer and a concealer brush to go around the edge of your lips. The result – a polished, neat lip and colour where you need it. 

5. App-lip-cation 
Is your lipstick coming off in layers? Try exfoliating before you apply any colour. This will take off all the dead skin causing the flake. The best way to do this is by starting with a moisturising lip balm, and then exfoliating. 

6. Blushing Babe 
All out of blush? Grab your favourite lipstick shade and use it the same way you would use a cream blush. Just remember to blend it properly – you don't want to look like you belong in the circus. 

7. Eye Eye Eye 
Has your heart been shattered along with an eyeshadow? No problem! You can use broken eyeshadow as lipstick. Seriously. Blend the broken colour with a lip balm and you've got a new addition to your collection of lipstick. Yes!

8. Sticky Situation 
Uh-oh. Have you broken your lipstick tube? Was it your favourite colour? Are you crying? Stop right there and pull yourself together! You can use a lighter to reattach broken lipstick. Aim the flame where the break is, once it has melted, do the same to the broken off piece and voila! They'll stick together like magic. Be careful, though, too hot and it will melt the whole lipstick!

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