How To: 5 Ways To Tomy Takkie DIY

How To: 5 Ways To Tomy Takkie DIY

How To: 5 Ways To Tomy Takkie DIY

JAM has Tomy Takkies in store for unbeatable prices. You've got a style that's all your own. Now you can take your individuality to the street, on your feet.

Here are five top tips to make your Tomy Takkies your own!

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1. Beading 
Got fancy feet? Try beads for over-the-top glam. Pearls, crystals or sequins – it's up to you!

2. Laces
Paint them funky colours, replace them with ribbons or a fab fabric. Lace up. Style up!

3. Paint
Have a look online for techniques. Use a sponge, a brush or have a splash!

4. Draw
Koki, fine-liner, or highlighter. Use what you've already got! Drawing is a great way to add in some detail for that signature look.

5. Glitter
Who doesn't love glitter? No, seriously – WHO? Glitter glue or straight up sparkles, you can shine bright like a diamond.

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